A very important issue that no presidential candidates are talking about explains why the left owns the youth, the millennials, the academic community and the media.  It is the educational publishing cabal and their co-conspirators (Bill Gates, Achieve Inc., the UN…).

There are only a handful of publishers apparently able to publish textbooks and assessments in the huge numbers required by metropolitan school districts.  ….or so we are told.  The most loathsome of those is Pearson Education, Inc. partly owned by the Quadafi family and other Muslim interests.  Others are McGraw Hill, Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, and Bedford, Freeman & Worth.

I have either read –or read the reviews by fellow Tennesseans– all of the Social Studies books offered to Tennessee by these publishers.  I can tell you first hand that they are laced with misinformation that conforms to and reinforces the progressive agenda: an American history of white privilege, oppression of minorities, exploitation of other countries, and there are historical inaccuracies, vast government solutions to all problems, climate change, gender identity, age-inappropriate sex education, the acceptance as normal of non-traditional families, and possibly the worst; a whole unit (6 chapters) and 3.5 to 4 weeks of the glorification of Islam sans anything they don’t want you to know about Mohammed or Islam.  …Not one chapter devoted to Christianity or any of the other world religions, just bits scattered here and there.

The bottom line is this: since the mid-sixties we have been graduating over 30 million seniors every year that have spent their last twelve to thirteen years being indoctrinated with leftist progressive ideology.  If they go on to college they only get more radical indoctrination.  Only strong conservative families act as an antidote to such intense programming.  Most parents are completely unaware.  How do we re-educate generations of brainwashing?

We must monitor what is being taught.  The educators are incapable as they are the proverbial frogs in the pot and they are done!

Jackie Archer
Textbook Advocates
Murfreesboro, TN