Social Studies textbooks (now referred to as instructional material) were reconsidered for adoption into our Tennessee classrooms in 2018.

Tennessee Textbook Advocates teamed with Truth in Textbooks, a multi-state operation with sophisticated tools and veteran scholars, to review the material that was considered in Tennessee.  Finding a plethora of factual errors and omissions, our review submissions to the Textbook Commission were none-the-less ignored …once again.  The material is in our classrooms and in front of our children.

Instructional material is swiftly being shifted from textbooks to online.  This presents a host of problems, among which are:

  • Inability to review and monitor content
  • Unhealthy stretches of screen-time for students, both physical and emotional.
  • Access to unsuitable sites and information

On this site you will find reviews of the individual books, videos, and other media.  Our 2014 reviews remain on the site.

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