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DUE DATES FOR PUBLIC COMMENT – June 8, 2015 and Aug 2, 2015 BY 12:00 NOON

(1)    The public comment form can be accessed here:http://tennessee.gov/education/textbooks/docs/txtbk_public_comment_generic_form.pdf

This form is primarily used when the public has comments for textbooks which are currently being reviewed as part of the textbook adoption process (which, as you know, this year is Section A). This is the same process as it has been for many years based on the information I have.

Textbook Warriors and interested visitors:

Legislative Efforts to Improve Citizen Textbook Review Policies Have Unexpected Results:

A bill to make the Textbook Commission of the SBE (State Board of Education) accountable to us as citizen reviewers got the attention of the SBE.  A week ago Thursday they called for a meeting with State Rep. Bryan Terry (who was sponsoring the bill for us in the house) and a representative of  Textbook Advocates.

  • We agreed on what we wanted and what they could give us.  Dr. Terry asked for it in writing.
  • When it came back, it wasn’t exactly what we wanted; the most important part being misstated.
  • We worked on the bill and did not take it “off notice”.
  • Before the final hour for filing bills an effort was made to reach someone from the SBE in an attempt to clarify the language and determine whether an honest mistake had been made or was it a tactical move on their part to avoid the accountability we were demanding.
  • When noon approached the bill went forward.
  • Later in the day the SBE legal dept. confirmed that they would rewrite and repost the review process per our wishes.


The new structure of the textbook commission and review panels, along with the new provisions we have effected, should make a huge difference in the review experience and the results going forward.  We have agreed to test the process this year to assess its effectiveness and the resolve of the SBE to fulfill their commitments. Should the SBE fail to meet our expectations the bill is ready to go next session.

New textbooks under consideration by the SBE for the 2016-2022 school years will be available ONLINE    May 1, 2015.

The subject is Instructional Technology:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Services
  • Education and Training

(Includes computer applications and keyboarding)

 If there are those of you out there who have some expertise in these fields and are willing to review some of the instructional material, please contact us through the contact form.

It is important that we find some errors in the material in order to test the process.  If we do not, it will possibly be years before we know if our efforts are effective and if legislation will be necessary.

A great big THANK YOU to all of you who stood by, ready to go to battle with calls and emails.  Keep your powder dry in case we need it next year!